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Go Nagai works: Devilman, Cutie Honey and Mazinger

Hello and welcome to the second in this series of articles, about a genre controversial and problematic to some, yet enticing and interesting to others: ecchi.

“Ecchi” is a slang term in Japanese for “playfully sexual actions” — basically the pronunciation of the letter “H” (from the word “Hentai”, meaning “pervert”). The word “ecchi” was adopted in the West to refer to a genre comprising sexually suggestive content, prominent sexuality and softcore teasing, without ever approaching hardcore 18+ material. In Japan, the word ecchi instead refers to an individual’s perverted conduct. As we in the West understand it, ecchi anime and manga are works loaded with fanservice. …

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“A woman and a cat”, Kitagawa Utamaro. 1793–1794

Hello, my name is Otakun3000, Otakun or simply “Ota”. I’m a new writer here at AniTAY and hope to entertain you with all kinds of subjects.

First of all, I want to warmly welcome you to this series of articles, about a genre so controversial and problematic for some, yet so enticing and interesting for others: ecchi.

This series is focused on ecchi, but since there are so many ecchi works, it would require really lengthy articles in order to discuss them all, so, I will focus on those I know best, those that had an impact and some of the most important ones. …



Public Servant, Computer Technican, Degree in Journalism, Trilingual. Lover of anime, manga and games, little time to enjoy them all. A taste for lust material.

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